Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Transgulf Car Rental WLL rents to the customerlrepresentative whose signature and vehicle description appears on the reverse of this page of rental 

contract, on terms and conditions stated on both sides of this rental contract which the Customer accepts and agrees to observe.


1. Rental Period

This contract is valid for the days stated on this rental contract. It may extend to a maximum of 30 days from the rental date. Failure to intimate the rental will be termed as automatic extension and charged accordingly.


2. Rental Extension

If the customer wishes to extend the rental period it is mandatory for the Customer to visit, call e-mail or fax to the rental location seeking for an extension.


3. Delivery and Return

The customer agrees to return the vehicle to the location the vehicle is rented from at the end of the rental period. It is mandatory for the renter to bring in the check out sheet to be compared with the check in sheet (vehicle condition report).


4. Charges

a) TRANSGULF reserves the right to charge the renter in advance as per the rate agreed in the rental agreement at the start of each rental period.

b) In case of Extension | Renewal of Rental Agreement TRANSGULF reserves the right to charge the Customer in advance.

c) On termination 1 Return of the vehicle TRANSGULF reserves the right to charge the customer for all new damages without a valid traffic reports, traffic fines and violations, insurance excess with traffic report even after the renter departed from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

d) TRANSGULF reserves the right to use the renter's credit card for any type of unpaid rental, Charges, traffic fines Or damages. Monthly Rental   Agreement.


5. Monthly Rental Agreement 

a) In case of Pre-termination of monthly rental agreement before the expiry of the first month, TRANSGULF reserves the right to charge the renter on weekly rate.

b) It is mandatory for the renter to visit the rented location monthly and sign the new rental agreement upon renewal. Failure to do so TRANSGULF reserves the right to charge the renter for the subsequent month.


6. Use of vehicle

 The vehicle will be driven by the renter in possession of a valid driving license (recognized license by the Bahrain Traffic Authority).

a) The vehicle can be driven by an additional driver indicated by the renter subject to the approval of TRANSGULF and a valid driving licence.

b) The renter is entirely responsible for the respect of the general condition ruling this contract by the driver whom he would have authorized to drive the rented vehicle.


7. Age link and Experience

Minimum age to rent a vehicle is 26 years old and holding a driving license for at least one year for all groups of vehicle. In case of accident by underage customer or holder of a license less than one year, the compulsory insurance policy deductable excess of BD 750.00 will be paid by the renter


8. Renters Responsibilities in case of accidents & damages

a) In case of accident with or without a third party. It is the responsibility of the customer to call Traffic Authority (199) to report the incident and wait at the accident site until the traffic police arrives and issues a traffic report.

b) No replacement vehicle will be issued to the renter damages without a valid traffic report.

c) It is mandatory for the renter to obtain a valid traffic report for all damages with or without a third party. Failure to do so TRANSGULF reserves the right to charge the customer the entire damages Cost.

d) If the renter is not at fault as per the traffic report (BD 6000) paid by the renter to obtain the report will be reimbursed by TRANSGULF upon dropping the vehicle for repairs.

e) All known / unknown damages without a third party will be termed as the Customer fault and will be charged for all damages or the insurance excess in case of a valid traffic report aCCOrdingly.


9. Replacement Vehicle

TRANSGULF intent to serve the customer with the same group of vehicle as replacement however in case of emergency or running out of specific models TRANSGULF reserves the right to serve with the available nearest group of vehicle based on availability.


10. Personal Effects Protection

TRANSGULF has no responsibility for any claims for personal belongings left in the vehicle on returning the vehicle & at the close of the rental agreement.


11. Use of Fuel

TRANSGULF reserves the right to charge the renter the difference in the fuel level as per the TRANSGULF tariff rates. Upon returning the vehicle, the renter requires to bring in the vehicle with the same level as at the time of renting the vehicle. The renter must make a routine check of all fluid levels in the engine compartment of the rental vehicle. The vehicle should not be with any red Colour warning light on of the temperature gauge reads high on the dash board, in such cases shut off the engines immediately and call Our Breakdown assistant on 36899793/17329303 and do not operate the vehicle until the cause is corrected. Us only MUMTAZ FUEL, failing to which, TRANSGULF reserves the right to charge all damages to the engine and vehicle for using improper rated fuel as per the manufacturer.


12. Traffic Offence 

The renter is responsible for any traffic during the rental period, Unpaid traffic offences will be charged to the renter credit cards without prior approval or transferred to the respective license.


13. Breakdown Service

Breakdown service will be provided within 2 hour from time of call (Subject to the normal traffic flow). Service available from 06:00am to 11:00 pm


14. All Disputes are Subject to the Kingdom of Bahrain Jurisdiction.


15 Declaration 

If the renter is at fault as mentioned in the traffic report, the renter is liable to pay BD, 16,000 towards traffic report and BD........ towards insurance excess. TRANSGULF reserves the right to change the insurance excess and for all the other damages not mentioned in the report,